Wednesday, 3 October 2012

40 Years On and Jimmy Savile is STILL hurting me!

I did a TV interview last year for Newsnight. The producer had read my sequel book 'Keri-Karin' online (, guessed that JS was Jimmy Savile and contacted me to ask for an interview to expose him as a child abuser.  After a lot of pressure I agreed.  They interviewed me at home, on camera, last October, which was after my chemoradiotherapy and a month before my surgery for bowel cancer.

But the programme editors dumped the programme and it did not air because : "she's probably lying." and apparently, CPS said there was no way to substantiate what I'd said. I was understandably aggrieved. After the emotional turmoil and stress of coming out on camera and admitting to performing disgusting sex acts with a disgusting pervert when I was a very vulnerable teenager and finally, after carrying it for 40 years, I was not believed. Not easy to cope with BUT I had to concentrate on my cancer and trying to get well again.

After my surgery, when I came out of hospital with a 20cm x 18cm x 4 cm deep open wound in my abdomen and was confined to bed, so, so sick and unable to move, the phone calls began.  From reporters.  The guy who interviewed me for the BBC, who desperately wanted to expose Jimmy Savile for the pervert he was, one Meirion Jones, had given ALL my personal details to every single reporter in the country.  That's my name, address, telephone, date of birth, address, mobile number -- everything.

All through my recovery and beyond I've been plagued by reporters wanting my story again. On the phone.  On my mobile.  Unsolicited at the front door.  In the street.  Followed into shops.  It has been a very hard 10 months.

Sunday evening I was contacted by: BBC radio! Wanted me to phone in to their programme where people were talking about whether Jimmy Savile was a child abuser or not.  Furious with them because of what BBC put me through, I declined -- and then I contacted Mark Williams Thomas, the guy who has a TV programme on tonight (Wenesday 3rd October 2012) on ITV 11.10pm -- one of the reporters who had been begging me to speak out again.  He came out to my home yesterday with a camera crew.  It was VERY stressful of course, but I did an interview with him.  It lasted around two hours.

This time, I had not only to explain what happened with Jimmy Savile. I also had to explain that I had told the BBC and not been believed and suffered terribly for 12 months because of it.

Today, I have telephoned Metropolitan police, as Mark Williams Thomas advised me to do. I now have to wait for a local police officer to call at my home and take a statement. This is not over; it has only just begun.